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Clarkston SCAMP is a five week summer day camp for children and young adults with special needs. SCAMP provides recreational and social opportunities under the supervision of highly trained staff.

Clarkston SCAMP was established over 40 years ago. Since its inception, it has grown from seventy five to over two hundred SCAMPers. The program began with just a small amount of seed money and a determined group of individuals. Several fraternal organizations and a few influential Clarkston residents were the first to support the program financially. They continue to support the program with annual contributions and/or endowment funds. While a tuition amount is in place, no child is ever turned away for financial reasons. Fundraisers are held throughout the year to help supplement the cost of the program.

Over the years, more organizations, businesses and individuals have joined this elite group of investors. Our benefactors have witnessed the impact of how the SCAMP program has been a dream come true for so many families. In the words of a SCAMPer mother,

"SCAMP changed me, my daughter, and our lives forever. Knowing there is a place for her in society where she can be herself, with no judgment, is a true blessing from God. I hope that all of the contributors to SCAMP realize how many lives they have touched in so many ways."

SCAMP supports students with a wide range of special needs including autism/spectrum disorders, physical disabilities, cognitive and emotional impairment. There are over 50 young adults that volunteer at the camp in addition to trained staff to provide support and positive social interaction. SCAMPers attend our program from Clarkston and surrounding areas.

There is a wonderful feeling in the air at SCAMP. It is an atmosphere filled with joy, caring and friendship. Daily activities include games, music, art and motor skills. SCAMPers also participate in field trips and special on-site visits by entertainment groups. We use the facilities at Independence Oaks County Park, which enables us to offer hiking, swimming, boating and fishing. For five weeks our SCAMPers are challenged to grow in abilities and self-esteem and to be the best that they can be.

To receive a SCAMPer application please see our applications page.

SCAMP runs for five weeks. The dates for 2019 are June 24-July 31 Three days a week, MTW from 9 am until 2 pm. This year, the SCAMP Program will be located at Clarkston Junior High School at 6595 Waldon Rd..

The Parent Meet and Greet will be held the week before SCAMP starts at Clarkston Junior High. Parents will be notified of meeting details.

Please join us for VIPS (Very Important People to SCAMP) Day on TBD to see the SCAMP Program in action!

Direct all calls to Community Ed: 248.623.4314 or email scampcamp@clarkston.k12.mi.us

All Applications will be available online on March 1.

SCAMP has a New Location this summer!
Clarkston Junior High School
6595 Waldon Rd. Clarkston, MI 48346
June 24-July 31, 2019

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