Welcome to Clarkston SCAMP!
A Special Place for Special Kids!

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Welcome to Clarkston SCAMP

We are a 5 week summer day camp designed for kids and young adults with special needs. We started in 1977 with a small amount of seed money and the love and dedication of a determined group of individuals. Today we serve about 200 SCAMPers each year with one goal in mind--to have fun! All it takes is one visit to Clarkston SCAMP to see the love and devotion of our staff and our community.

The camp is more than just an exciting place for our SCAMPers; it is a respite for their families from the continual care of a special needs individual. It is also a great learning opportunity for young individuals to volunteer and work with a population who really needs them.

While a tuition amount is in place, it is a small portion of the total cost of camp. Financial aid is available in limited amounts for eligible families and no camper has ever been turned away for financial reasons. Fundraisers held throughout the year help supplement the cost of the program. All this is made possible by the hard work and dedication of the board members of the North Oakland SCAMP Funding Corporation and generous donations from people, like you, who have come to know, appreciate, and love the efforts of SCAMP.

SCAMP Donations

Do you know that a third of our budget comes from donors like you? Donations to our program may be made by clicking the button below. All gifts are tax-deductible within the limits of the law.


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